In Miami, Job Market Is Getting Better

In Miami, Job Market Is Getting Better

The Miami job market is seeing improvement. In fact, investors are happy to say that things are getting better in the Miami Dade region. On Friday, a nationwide announcement indicated that the country added 200,000 jobs in the month of December. That helped to push the national unemployment rate lower, to 8.5 percent. More so, the report indicated that most of the country's largest industries are seeing growth. But, what does this mean for Miami specifically?

Finding the Jobs in Miami

The increase in employment nationwide does signal an increase in the Miami hiring numbers, too. For those who are looking for a job in this area, the strongest growth in the area continues to be in three specific industries: professional services, healthcare and tourism. For example, in Broward county, about 4700 jobs are on the payrolls this year that were not last year. 60 percent of those positions came from tourism in the area.

The Miami Dade area saw an addition of 18,000 new jobs in the last year. Of those, there was a strong number of industries represented.

·         30 percent of the new jobs came from a combined healthcare and education hiring boom.

·         24 percent came from professional services employment.

·         11 percent came from tourism

·         17 percent came from retail

Are you looking for a job in one of these categories? If so, have you found it easier to find a position now than you did a year ago? Though most experts expect the job market in Miami to continue to grow, the rate may not be as fast. That could hinder the still thousands looking for work.