Miami Jobs - Unemployment Rate Down

Miami Jobs - Unemployment Rate Down

One of the key indications of the Miami jobs market is the unemployment rate. Miami is a tourism centric location with numerous businesses calling it home. However finding the right level of employment is a big factor. Recently, the unemployment rate for South Florida was released. The information indicates that employees saw some availability in jobs. The rate moved from 10.7 percent in September then down to 10 percent in the month of October. The state also saw a drop in overall numbers. It moved from 10.6 percent to 10.3 percent in October.

Are You Feeling It?

When considering the fact that unemployment rates have fallen by 1.8 percent since October of 2010, you may feel as if things are looking good. The workforce has improved by some 21,772 people. In the South Florida region, which includes the Miami job market, there are a total of 2.92 million people working.

In jobs, the numbers look like the following:

·         In the past year, South Florida's job numbers have increased by 72,890.

·         In the month of October, the region added 24,510 jobs.

·         As a state, 9500 jobs were added to the market.

·         Over the last year, almost 107,000 jobs have been added to the market.

The Miami jobs market still has a long way to go. Thousands of people are without jobs, still. If you are out of work, or under employed, what type of job are you looking for? If you are concerned about the market not growing rapidly, experts warn that it may get worse before it gets better.