Miami Job Market - It Will Improve

Miami Job Market - It Will Improve


When looking for a job in the Miami job market, one may become discouraged. Like many other job markets throughout the country, there has been a drop in the availability of viable jobs. However, there is reason to believe that thing downturn will not stay that way for the city of Miami. Fitch Ratings, a leading credit agency, has affirmed the city's ratings in terms of bonds. Look at some of this information.

Why It Matters

When the city needs to raise money, it sells bonds. The rating from Fitch Ratings provides indication that this is a safe bet to make. Here are some examples of the recent ratings offered:

·         $77.3 million unlimited tax general obligation has a rating of A minus.

·         $139.8 million is a special obligation streets and sidewalk bond rated at A minus.

·         101.3 million in special obligation parking revenue bonds.

Now what does this information mean to you? Because of factors such as the tourism and business industry here, there is no doubt that improvements in the economy will occur. These ratings indicate that while there is some risk to investment, the overall sentiment remains positive. That means that investors will invest and the Miami job market is likely to improve in the coming months and years.

Your Situation

Are you struggling with finding a job in Miami? If so, what jobs are you looking for and seeing too few of? If you are in Miami, job market trends are on the way up but if you are still waiting to see your first bite, let us know what you are looking for specifically.