December 2011

Miami Job Market: Bus Driver Positions Open Up

The Miami job market may see a bit of an improvement now that the county is taking applications for part time bus drivers. If you have the skills, these positions could be the ideal choice for those looking for a good "foot in the door" type of position. The county plans to hire on about 120 part time employees to cover these positions. You could be one of them.

According to the Miami Dade Transit, veteran full time drivers are moving on to become Metrorail operators for the government. This will eventually allow the Miami International Airport train line to be fully functional. According to a statement released by the Miami Dade Transit, "Those who are selected can earn as they learn. Bus operator trainees earn $14,71 per hour and continue gaining experience as part time bus operators."

The Metrorail is to begin operations in spring. The new line will run from Earlington Heights to the Miami Intermodal Center, a huge hub that is meant to improve Miami public transportation.

Miami Job Market - It Will Improve


When looking for a job in the Miami job market, one may become discouraged. Like many other job markets throughout the country, there has been a drop in the availability of viable jobs. However, there is reason to believe that thing downturn will not stay that way for the city of Miami. Fitch Ratings, a leading credit agency, has affirmed the city's ratings in terms of bonds. Look at some of this information.

South Florida Jobless Claims Still Hurting the City

The Miami job market continues to hurt and struggle. While there seems to be some good news out, most of the recent news centers around the fact that jobless claims are falling. It is important to understand that one of the measures of how well the local economy is doing is by looking at not just how many are unemployed but the number of first time claims for unemployment benefits. If this number is dropping, that could be a good thing. It means employers are not letting go as many people.