February 2012

Miami Jobs Not Moving as Fast

Though the national numbers seem to be very good, the country as a whole is not seeing the jobs increases that it needs to have to perform well. In the city of Miami, jobs are there, and they are growing monthly, but they are not growing at the rate fast enough for many people. If looking for jobs in Miami, a number of factors could be affecting your ability to find the jobs you need. What do you see happening in the positions, you are looking for in the Miami job market?

Job Growth Is Happening

American Airlines Cuts to Hit Miami


American Airlines is the country's third largest airline. It is currently in Chapter 11 bankruptcy because of losing profitability over the last few years. The company announced that it would like to cut as many as 1000 jobs in the Miami area in order to pull itself out of bankruptcy. In a city where the unemployment rate remains high, this job cut could be problematic for many people, including those working in supporting industries.

The company announced it would be slashing as many as 13,000 employees throughout the world. It is estimated that about 1000 of those positions will come from the Miami area. The company noted that in order to pull itself out of bankruptcy it needed to shed as many as 13,000 jobs throughout the world in positions ranging from baggage handlers, pilots, flight attendants and maintenance crews. Management positions would also be affected in most areas.